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Learning About Farming Hello! My name is Polly and this is my cool new site. On this blog, I will be exploring the world of agriculture. I am not a farmer so this isn't a subject that I knew much about. However, all of that changed when I met a man while travelling through the Outback. He is a local farmer so once we started a relationship, I was soon spending a lot of free time on his farm. He explained to me how the farm operates and the different ways he grows his crops. I was fascinated and I have learnt so much.

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3 Benefits of Using Poultry Grit

If you're a chicken or turkey farmer, you know the importance of using poultry grit. But if you're not a farmer, you may be wondering what poultry grit is and why it's so

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Common Types of Rainwater Tank Diverters

When buying a new rainwater tank, it is important to include certain accessories in the deal. One rainwater accessory that you must never leave a store without is a fast

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Not Absolutely Sure You Want To Go Into Farming? How Farming Experiences Help

Farmers often had large families because they needed the extra help on the farm and because they intended to pass the farms on down to their offspring. That was the way o

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How to Make Sure That You Look After a Brand New Lawn Carefully

If you've about to invest a considerable amount of money in a new home with a splendid garden, you need to consider how you're going to protect your investment in the fut