3 Benefits of Using Poultry Grit

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If you're a chicken or turkey farmer, you know the importance of using poultry grit. But if you're not a farmer, you may be wondering what poultry grit is and why it's so important. Poultry grit is a blend of crushed granite, shale, and other inert materials that help your birds digest their food.

Here are three benefits of using poultry grit.

1. Poultry grit helps chickens to digest their food properly

Chickens are omnivorous animals, and their diet consists of a variety of plant and animal materials. In order to digest this diverse range of food, chickens rely on a process of grinding and crushing their food with their beaks. However, chickens do not have teeth, so they must consume small stones known as poultry grit in order to help them grind their food. Poultry grit is typically made of crushed quartz or granite, and it aids chickens in digestion by acting as a sort of internal grinder. In addition to helping with digestion, poultry grit also provides essential minerals and nutrients that chickens need for good health. As a result, it is an important part of a chicken's diet and should be made available to them at all times.

2. Poultry grit provides chickens with essential minerals and vitamins

Poultry grit also typically contains calcium carbonate and oyster shells, which provide chickens with essential minerals and vitamins. As a result, it is considered a natural and environmentally friendly product. Chickens need calcium for strong bones and shells, and oyster shell provides them with the necessary minerals for good health. However, if chickens are given a diet that is high in calcium, they may not need as much poultry grit. Chickens should always have access to fresh water and poultry grit, and their diet should be supplemented with other vitamins and minerals as needed. Poultry grit is available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased from most feed stores.

3. Poultry grit helps chickens to stay healthy and taste great

In addition to aiding digestion, poultry grit can also improve the flavour of meat and eggs. By providing a source of minerals, grit can help to improve the nutrient content of a bird's diet. As a result, eggs will be richer in flavour, and meat will be more succulent. If you want to improve the quality of your bird's meat and eggs, consider adding some poultry grit to their diet.

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