Three Tips to Use Nutritional Profiling to Improve Sales From Your Small Farm

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If you run a small farm and you sell your wares through a community supported agriculture (CSA) program or at local farmer's markets, you are probably constantly looking for ways to improve your sales. You may want to consider integrating nutritional profiling into your sales and marketing efforts. Here are just a few ways you can use nutritional profiling to improve your sales:

1. Use Nutritional Profiling to Decide What to Plant

You may want to talk with a nutritional profiling expert to get their advice on what you should plant. They can look at your current efforts and help you identify which foods are the most nutritious. Then, they can help you come up with ideas on foods that may be even more nutritious. Ultimately, if you're trying to attract health-conscious consumers, it helps to grow the foods that appeal to those people.

2. Advertise the Nutritional Profile of Your Foods

As you get ready to sell different foods, you may want to gather information of their nutritional profiles, and you may want to share that information with your clients. For instance, if you have a CSA, you may include printed out sheets with nutritional information when you hand out the boxes with food. Similarly, if you have a stand at the farmer's market, you may want to have sheets of paper on hand with nutritional information about the food you grow.

If you make items such as fresh salsa or soups with the food you grow, you should definitely do some research on the nutritional profile of those foods and consider including that information on your labels. You may also want to post this type of information on your website.

3. Create Newsletters With Information on Nutritional Profiling

To help with your marketing efforts, consider collecting the email addresses of your regular clients. Then, send these people reminders and information on sales and products that you have available, but also consider sending out some educational newsletters.

If you share tips and ideas with your clients about nutrition, they may be more inclined to buy your products. Also, consider giving your readers tips on how to make your food even more nutritious. For example, there may be certain pairings or preparation advice that helps to make the food you grow even more nutritious. When you guide your clients with helpful recipes or ideas, they may be more eager to buy from you.

To get more ideas, contact a nutritional profiling expert.

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