Septic Tank Management: Three Practical Tips on Reducing Your Expenses

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Residential septic systems require regular maintenance for optimal functionality. Moreover, these setups must be repaired when components fail with urgency. These practices prolong the service life of the septic tank, ensuring longer-term usage. In addition, the management practices prevent common inconveniences and health problems associated with a failed septic system. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining your septic tank can be high. Therefore, it is essential to manage your expenses with care by limiting the issues which lead to premature wear and failure of the septic elements. Here are some simple guidelines to help you reduce the total costs of septic system maintenance and repair.

Control Your Disposal Habits

You should not dispose of waste indiscriminately when using a septic system in your home. The type of material collected in the tank will determine the efficiency of the setup as well as its vulnerability to accelerated degradation and failure. You should be particularly cautious in handling items which cannot be broken down with ease by the bacteria in your tank. For example, household consumer products such as sanitary towels, tampons, dental floss, condoms, wipes and paper towels can cause blockages in the wastewater disposal and treatment. These materials can easily cause blockages in the piping. Also, they will not be broken as easily as faeces and toilet paper. Therefore, the efficiency of domestic waste treatment will decline, and you might need to perform remediation. 

Reduce Your Water Flow

Excess water in your septic tank can increase the risk of the system failure. In simple terms, when you allow a lot of water to flow from your house into the container, your tank will be under high strain constantly due to the weight of the liquid. This occurrence can accelerate the wear of the tank walls and piping. Also, you should remember that there are limited bacterial organisms in the tank. If the volume of the wastewater is too high, the microorganisms will not be able to digest the waste with efficiency. Therefore, you should reduce the amount of water flowing into your container. Install high-efficiency taps, showerheads and toilets. You should also avoid doing multiple loads of laundry on one day.

Perform Regular Inspections

Finally, you should be diligent in performing regular inspections. An evaluation of the septic system will ensure that underlying functional problems are discovered. Consequently, the issues can be repaired before the complete failure of the system. Early identification of septic tank inefficiencies and malfunctions can cause a significant difference in the cumulative funds required for repairs. 

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