How to Make Sure That You Look After a Brand New Lawn Carefully

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If you've about to invest a considerable amount of money in a new home with a splendid garden, you need to consider how you're going to protect your investment in the future. In particular, you need to look after that verdant, green lawn so that it doesn't shrivel up in the harsh Australian climate. How can you make sure that your irrigation does the job properly?

Installing the Right System

Firstly, you need to invest in a good sprinkler system that is going to be reliable and positioned carefully. You may have to initiate specific "zones" but should carefully map out the land so that each portion of the lawn receives its all-important water. When you do this, always make sure that you keep sprinkler heads away from paths, driveways and patios, so that you don't waste valuable water by watering the concrete instead.

Every Other Day

Usually, it's enough to irrigate your lawn every other day, rather than daily. If you turn the equipment on each day as you think that more water is simply better, you should know that this will effectively discourage the grass from making healthy, deep roots. A lawn that has these deep roots tends to be more resistant to drought and disease.

Best Time

Just make sure that you sprinkle first thing in the morning, or when the sun is going down. In the early morning hours the wind speed tends to be lower, so it won't compromise the sprinkling action. You'll also give the lawn the entire day to dry and the grass itself is likely to convert the water and sunlight into the right amount of energy to ensure optimum growth. Some people think that it is easier to water the lawn at night, as they can take advantage of lower power tariffs. This is not a good idea, however, as the sun will not be available to dry out the lawn and excess water can lead to the development of diseases, like mildew.


Did you know that you should set your timer to sprinkle the lawn in short cycles, rather than in one prolonged action? This is known as "cycle/soak" irrigation and can not only promote a more efficient lawn, but can help conserve water and energy in the process.

How to Proceed

Make sure that you get an experienced irrigation company to analyse your requirements and create the best possible solution. If you have any questions about your sprinkler timing, ask the experts at the same time for advice.

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